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Through Enterprise-Level Analytics

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted.

The trouble is I don’t know which half.

John Wanamaker

This is a famous quote by John Wanamaker who was an American entrepreneur and marketing pioneer during the early 20th century.

Today – over a 100 years later – most business owners and entrepreneurs are still struggling with the same problem.

They still don’t know which of their ads generate returns. They lose money by wasting ad spend on ads that don’t work and miss out on ROI by not scaling the ads that are profitable.

Unfortunately, that’s true despite the rise of the internet and the use of advanced marketing tools like Infusionsoft.

That’s why we have designed Infused Insight specifically to help businesses using Infusionsoft solve that exact problem.

But before we show you how we solve the problem, let’s explore…

Why this problem still exists, over 100 years later...

Online advertising and consumers have evolved. Simple funnels that are easy to track and analyse oftentimes don’t cut it anymore. 

Driving traffic from Facebook, Google or YouTube directly to an order page or shopping cart is becoming less and less effective.

And many businesses are adapting by implementing more advanced funnels where the bulk of the revenue is not generated immediately after the ad click.

Instead they focus on capturing the prospect’s email, building a relationship and then increasing the lifetime value through various offers and subscriptions throughout the customer lifecycle.

And while these advanced funnels are oftentimes much more effective, …

Advanced funnels are also A LOT more difficult to track, analyze and optimize...

Even advanced marketing suits like Infusionsoft have very limited methods of attributing the traffic source of signups, orders and other events.

You may have tried to solve this problem by exporting countless reports and mashing them together with layers upon layers of complicated spreadsheets and formulas.

But despite all the hours, tools and resources thrown at the problem, you likely still don’t have real confidence and trust in your data.

At the end of the day, the data inside Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Infusionsoft never seems to add up or match.

Plus, the more you grow and the more ads you run, the more difficult it becomes to handle the growing amounts of data.

At best you know which campaigns are working, but drilling down into the data and identifying the specific ads that work or don’t work is just a dream for most marketers using Infusionsoft.

But there IS a better way to analyze your marketing campaigns and Infusionsoft data

The truth is that your Infusionsoft application and all the tools you use with it are a treasure trove of data.

And that data can generate you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional profit.

Unfortunately, for most Infusionsoft users that data is locked away behind complicated APIs that require data engineers, analysts and scientists to unlock.

There is an entire industry of professionals who specialize in this, but many of them can command salaries of more than $100,000 per year.

That made advanced data analysis only feasible for large enterprises who could afford to hire multiple professionals.

But we built Infused Insight specifically to bring enterprise-level data analytics to small businesses at a fraction of the cost and time.

So, here’s…

How Infused Insight can help you...

We provide businesses using Infusionsoft with an enterprise-level Data Warehouse.

A Data Warehouse is a special type of database that loads data from all the tools you use, such as…

  • Infusionsoft
  • iTracker360
  • Clickfunnels
  • ThriveCart
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google & YouTube Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • And many more...

We then connect and transform all of the data from these tools so that you have one unified view of your entire business.

With this data in place, …

Our pre-built reports help you answer questions like...

  • "How much revenue do the leads of each of my ads generate after one day, 30 days, 90 days and beyond?"

    So that you can cut the losers, scale the winners and manage your cash flow.

  • "Which funnels are the most profitable and what makes them better than the other ones?"

    So that you can improve all your funnels.

  • "On which funnel steps do I lose the most people?"

    So that you can optimize the conversions of your order and upsell steps.

  • "Which of my pages generate the most leads?"

    So that you can optimize your website and SEO strategy.

  • "Which traffic sources generate the most leads and revenue?"

    So that you can properly allocate resources to your paid, SEO and social channels.

  • And many, many more…

Or you can build your own reports...

You own the data and get direct access to the database.

This means you can build your own custom reports using your favorite analysis tool, such as Power Bi, Tableau, Excel or directly in SQL.

You can build new reports from scratch or use our pre-built Power BI reports as a starting point and customize them in any way you want.

Or if you prefer, you can hire us to build custom reports for you.

Why Infused Insight is your best partner...

Infused Insight is the best data analytics and reporting tool for Infusionsoft users, because…

  • It was built specifically for Infusionsoft

    We don’t integrate with hundreds of services. We only integrate with Infusionsoft and the tools most commonly used with it.

    And that’s a good thing, because everything is optimized for the needs and reporting problems of Infusionsoft users.

    And if you want to analyse data from a tool we don’t support yet, we can create a custom integration.
  • It was built by Infusionsoft users for Infusionsoft users

    We know Infusionsoft inside out, because we have been using it for years ourselves.

    And yes, we’ve had the occasional moment where we couldn’t help, but swear at it in frustration. So we understand you and the challenges you are going through.

    And more often than not, we have solutions for them.

    We really get and know Infusionsoft-- from a user’s perspective, from an API developer’s perspective and from a data analyst’s perspective.

    This holistic vision allows us to find solutions nobody else can see.

  • And it was built by marketers for marketers

    But we don’t just have the tech side covered. We also understand modern digital marketing.

    We have bought media, built funnels, written copy, done SEO and optimized landing pages.

    Unlike most analysts and “techies” we get what you are trying to achieve. We get your offer and we get your funnel.

    That allows us to customize Infused Insight to the unique needs of your business and funnels.

    In fact, the first version of Infused Insight was built because we, as marketers, were frustrated that we didn’t have the data we needed to make decisions.

    So we built a solution for our marketing needs and after seeing the impact it had on the business, we decided to build an even more comprehensive solution for all Infusionsoft users.

In conclusion…

We understand you, your business, your problems and your data analytics needs better than anyone else.

And we can use it to help you make your business, advertising and marketing A LOT more profitable.

If that sounds like something you would like to do, book a demo call with us and discuss your needs.